Pocket Wally began at our house as the character of beloved bedtime stories about the many big adventures of a dog so small he could fit in your pocket.  We introduced our daughters to so many new and exciting people, places and animals through those stories. 


The Pocket Wally name takes on a whole new meaning now that he is the mascot of our company Pocket Wally Presents, and our first iPhone game Pocket Wally’s Sight Words.  With Pocket Wally on your phone (and in your pocket) your kids can work on their sight words everywhere you go (and have fun while doing it).     


Check out Pocket Wally’s Sight Words on iTunes (works on iPhone and iPod touch), and stay tuned for more apps from Pocket Wally Productions coming soon.



Special thanks to…

·      Diane Harrington and Frank Costa for their wonderful voices.

·      David Koetke for this artistic talents.

·      Our daughters for inspiring us to create Pocket Wally and all his friends.


Thanks for your support!
Barry & Kim