Pocket Wally Presents…

You know who you are!

  • You know when you are in the back of the car and you are completely bored?
  • When you have had enough of being strapped down in your car seat?
  • When its been minutes since you have had your last snack?
  • When you keep getting the same answer to your never answered question if you are there yet?

There is an answer to your frustration and it’s sitting right up front in your mom’s purse.  It’s not a secret, it’s your mom’s iPhone.

Welcome to PocketWally.com!

PocketWally.com brings learning and entertainment apps to your Mom and Dads iPhone.

Pocket Wally’s first game is called Sight Words and it’s based on the Dolch Sight Words which help young children learn to read.

You can get the game from iTunes by clicking here!


Check out our first demo video.